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Thursday, December 22, 2011 08:45 Hrs IST

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund announces dividend under various schemes

Record date for dividend is 26 December 2011

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund has announced 26 December 2011 as the record date for declaration of dividend in the dividend option of the following schemes. The quantum of dividend will be:

DSP BlackRock FMP (DSPBRFMP)-12M-Series 13:

Individuals: Rs 0.207983 per unit

Others: Rs 0.178263 per unit

DSPBRFMP-12M-Series 14:

Individuals: Rs 0.207455 per unit

Others: Rs 0.177810 per unit

DSPBRFMP-13M-Series 4:

Individuals: Rs 0.188427 per unit

Others: Rs 0.161501 per unit

DSPBRFMP-12M-Series 15:

Individuals: Rs 0.204283 per unit

Others: Rs 0.175092 per unit

DSPBRFMP-12M-Series 16:

Individuals: Rs 0.201817 per unit

Others: Rs 0.172977 per unit

DSPBRFMP-12M-Series 17:

Individuals: Rs 0.201729 per unit

Others: Rs 0.172902 per unit

DSPBRFMP-12M-Series 18:

Individuals: Rs 0.197500 per unit

Others: Rs 0.169278 per unit

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