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Friday, December 05, 2008 11:47 Hrs IST

DSP BR MF declares dividend under FMP

Record date for dividend is 9 December 2008

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund has declared dividend under dividend reinvest option of the regular and institutional plan of DSP BlackRock Fixed Maturity Plan-3M-Series 13, a close-ended income scheme. The record date for dividend is 9 December 2008.

The quantum of dividend under the Regular Plan is:

Individuals: Rs 0.233264 per unit and Others: Rs 0.217104 per unit

The quantum of dividend under the Institutional Plan is:

Individuals: Rs 0.235454 per unit and Others: Rs 0.219142 per unit

The NAV of the regular plan was recorded at Rs 10.2362 and Rs 10.2384 under institutional plan as on 3 December 2008.

DSP BlackRock FMP 3M-Series 13 was launched in September 2008, a close-ended income scheme with maturity profile of 3 months. The primary investment objective of the schemes is to seek capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of debt and money market securities. It is envisaged that the portfolio of each scheme will display a maturity profile that is generally in line with the term of the scheme.

DSP Merrill Lynch FMP 3 Months- Series 13 charges an exit load of 0.50%, if the investment is redeemed before the maturity date.

Dhawal Dalal is handling the investments under this scheme.

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